7 Best Dog Walks in Bristol (According to Bristolians)

We polled our group of over 300 Bristol dog owners one simple question - "Which dog walks are the best in Bristol?". Here's the top dog walks in Bristol as voted for by them... 

oldbury court estate bristol
Photo credit: Justine Jenkins

7) Oldbury Court Estate

Oldbury Court is a mixture of greenspace, wooded areas and paths that run alongside the River Frome. There is a children's play park and picnic areas. It's sometimes referred to by locals as Vassalls Park after the previous owners. 

There was once a mansion on the estate but it was demolished after a fire left it severely damaged in 1948. 

Car parking is available at postcode: BS16 2JW. 


Kings Weston House

6) Kings Weston House 

Kings Weston House was built in 1719 and is Grade 1 listed. It's conveniently close to the M5 & M4 motorways. Kings Weston Estate was even mentioned in Jane Austen's books Northanger Abbey and Emma. 

It's also situated very closely to another popular local dog walk - Blaise Castle. 

 Car parking at: Kings Weston House, Kings Weston Ln, Kingsweston, Bristol BS11 0UR


Stoke Park Estate

5) Stoke Park Estate 

270 acres of land for your dog to explore. Stoke Park Estate is huge! It runs alongside the M32 and so is rather iconic when coming or going from Bristol. There is some cattle grazing that happens on the site but the park is so huge that they're easily avoided. 

In 1939 there were even anti-aircraft guns situated on the estate and you can see some of the military structures on the site still today. 

There is no dedicated car park and many entrances to the park. We park at: Romney Ave, Lockleaze, Bristol BS7 9TB



Blaise Castle

4) Blaise Castle 

At 650 acres Blaise Castle Estate is even bigger than Stoke Park. The famous castle is a folly, built just for decoration in 1776. There is also an 18th Century Mansion House on the site, a play park and a cafe. 

If you follow the footpath that begins near the house and runs alongside the stream you will eventually reach the pond which is a very popular swimming spot for dogs! 

 Car parking at: 82 Henbury Rd, Henbury, Bristol BS10 7AA


3) Snuff Mills 

Snuff Mills includes an old quarry, stone mill and waterwheel. The name Snuff Mills originates from one of the millers who was given the nickname Snuffy Jack as he was always covered in snuff tobacco. Some say his ghost roams the valley at night. 

This walk also connects with Oldbury Court Estate so can be done together. Snuff Mills is also home to some of Bristol's otters although as they're very secretive you're unlikely to see them. 

 Car parking at: 14 River View, Stapleton, Bristol BS16 1DL


Leigh Woods

2) Leigh Woods 

 Leigh woods is a fantastic woodland overlooking the Avon Gorge and Clifton Suspension Bridge. It's managed by the lovely people at Forestry England (we collaborate on recall training events to encourage responsible dog ownership). 

On the site is also Stokeleigh Camp which is a iron age fort. Beware sometimes cattle are grazed here although there are usually signs to warn you of their presence. 

Car parking at: Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3QE



Doberman at Ashton Court Estate

1) Ashton Court Estate

Previously home to one of the richest families in Bristol history - the Smyth family. Ashton Court is the biggest park in Bristol at 850 acres, made up of woodland and open grassland. 

There is a fenced deer park and many mountain bike trails through the wooded areas. Ashton Court is so big there are three car parks situated at different entrances to the park. 

The most popular car park is the one nearest the mansion house. You can find that at: Kennel Lodge Rd, Bristol BS3 2JT

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