Small Dog Club at Brislington

Small Dog Club at Brislington

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Brislington United Reformed Church 

Grove Park,




SMALL DOG CLUB IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO CLIENTS THAT ARE OR HAVE PREVIOUSLY ATTENDED CLASSES. Why? Because this allows us to get to know your dog and ensure that small dog club remains a fun, positive experience for everyone involved. 


What is Small Dog Club? 

Small Dog Club is an opportunity for small dogs and their owners to get together, socialise and allow their dogs to hang out and play. It can be tough being a small dog in a world where you're so significantly outsized by other dogs. Getting the chance to play with other similarly sized dogs is a real treat. 

Each Small Dog Club group is 45 minutes long and supervised by a professional dog trainer. 

This is not suitable for dogs that are reactive or act aggressively towards other dogs. If you would like help with your dog's reactivity contact us using the contact page.