Mantrailing Plus in Bristol

Mantrailing Plus in Bristol

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Class One and Two: Ashton Court Golf Course, Ashton Ct Estate, Abbots Leigh Rd, Bristol BS8 3TX (not to be confused, this is the golf entrance at the top nearest the bridge)

Class Three and Four: Blaise Castle Estate, 27A Kings Weston Rd, Henbury, Bristol BS10 7QT (main car park)

Class Five: Victoria Park, Bristol, Hill Avenue, Bristol (meet near Café) 


This is a five week course that will run every week at the same time and day as your selected start date. Each class is an hour long. By popular request we'll also be heading to a local pub after each date if you would like to join for post-trailing drinks. 


What is Mantrailing? 

Mantrailing is teaching your dog to follow the scent of a missing person until they find them. Imagine Search and Rescue dogs searching for missing people in the mountains or police dogs finding runaway criminals. 

If you want to try something new or have a hunting breed in need of an outlet then this could be the perfect activity for you.  


Why three different locations? 

It's important that your dog learns how to track on different terrains. We'll see a variety of different terrains over the three locations from grassland to forest to concrete. 


What Your Dog Will Learn:

Your dog will learn to find a missing person across a variety of terrains and distances. Whilst we aim to be as skilled in our training as possible this course is intended for pet dogs and shouldn't be mistaken for a training course for operational dogs. 




Achievement Bandana & Certificate - 

We believe that learning doesn't stop at puppyhood. That's why we give all attendees an achievement bandana, if your dog completes our Mantrailing class you will be awarded your Mantrailing patch. This is the equivalent of a martial arts belt or Brownies patches. 

If you choose to keep training you can earn various patches through our different classes and prove to the world just what an awesome team you make.