Plus Class at Chapel Farm

Plus Class at Chapel Farm

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Chapel Farm,


BS39 4NE


This is a five week course that will run every week at the same time and day as your selected start date. You must have completed the adult or puppy course as a prerequisite for joining this course. 


What Your Dog Will Learn:

Loose Lead Walking - No one wants to be dragged down the streets of Bristol as lovely as they are! Lead walking becomes even more important when you have an adult dog. 


Close Position - Teach your dog to get in position and sit at your heel. This not only makes you look like a bad ass it's good for getting your dog out of the way of other people. For example, to let someone pass on a narrow lane. 


Stand - Everyone teaches their dogs to sit and down but can they stand when asked? Anyone that has taken their vet to be examined and struggled to keep them standing will know the value of this one. 


Emergency Stop - So your dog has a great recall but what if they've managed to cross a road? You don't want them to run through traffic. Instead you can use your emergency stop to ask them to wait for you. 


Between Your Legs  - Teach your dog to stand between your legs. Another great way of getting your dog out of other people's way and make's for a cute photo. 


Stop & Sit - Fed up of asking your dog to sit constantly at the edge of the curb or when you stop to talk to someone on a walk? What if they just sat every time you stopped walking when on a lead? That's exactly what we're going to teach. 


Husbandry - Taking our husbandry training to the next level. We will advance the chin rest and work towards accepting mock injections and nail cutting. 


Advanced Stay - Now we have some basic stay training it's time to start adding some bigger distances. We will also increase the level of distraction, will your dog stay when sausage is on the floor right next to them? Let's build up to that. 


Hold - Training your dog to hold an item like their lead, a toy or just about anything can be a really cool trick. 


Controlled Retrieve - Throw multiple toys and control which ones  your dog gets. What a fantastic exercise to increase your dog's obedience and teach self-control. 


Legs Up - Have your dog put only their front legs up onto an object. This is good for inspecting their underside and great for taking photos. 




Plus Patch  - To Be Revealed!