Puppy Training Classes Bristol
Puppy Class in February
Puppy Class in February
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Puppy Class in February

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How it works: 

Your purchase is for one month of classes, either once a week or twice a week. Within 24 hours of your purchase you will be sent an email to access our members app & calendar. From there you can select the dates you'd like to come.  


Suitable For; Puppies that have had their first vaccination. If your puppy is over six months of age they may be better suited to adult class. If you're unsure and would like clarification email info@houndplus.com 



Christ Church Hengrove 

Petherton Rd,



BS14 9BP 


Brislington United Reformed Church 

Grove Park,




When are the classes in February? 

We run these classes on a rolling basis so we always meet on these days and times. Availability is limited to 4 dogs per class but we try to ensure there are always plenty of options available; 

Hengrove: Wednesdays at 6pm or 7:15pm, Fridays at 7:15pm

Brislington: Fridays at 5:30pm or 6:45pm 



What if I can't make a certain date? 

Upon purchase you're either assigned four credits (once a week) or eight credits (twice a week) these credits will expire in March. You're welcome to use the credits on any available date within February. 


What Your Dog Will Learn:

In puppy class we train around four critical different scenarios that you might find yourself in regularly; At the Cafe, In the Vets, On a Walk and At Home. Our goal is for your dog to learn how to behave in each different situation to give you a fantastic foundation. Along the way we cover skills such as; 


Socialisation - Puppyhood is the most important time for your dog to be carefully socialised to other dogs and people. That's why we dedicate a portion of each class to getting this right. 


Recall - If you want to be able to let your puppy off lead you're going to need to be able to trust them to come back. That's why the recall is an essential skill for every dog. 


Stay - How to stay in a distracting class environment. This is a great skill for when you need your puppy to stay in one position whilst you attend to something like a knock on the door. 

Drop - If you're puppy has something they shouldn't (like litter) then it's critical you can get it back quickly. Teaching your dog to drop it when asked is a great way to do that. 

Leave - Teaching leave is important for preventing your dog from getting litter or dangerous items in the first place. When asked to leave your dog will turn and move away so you can carry on your walk. 


Settle - When you take your dog out to enjoy the cafes and pubs of Bristol they're going to need to be able to settle down in a busy environment. We practice this in our puppy class. 


Husbandry -  We all know dogs that hate going to the vets or the groomers but that doesn't have to be your dog. Through training we can get them used to being handled and inspected so these visits are as easy as a walk in the park. 


Hand Target -  Teaching your dog to touch their nose to your hand is a great way to reposition them either to teach them another new skill or just for everyday life - like getting them in from the garden. 




Achievement Bandana & Puppy Badge  - 

We believe that learning doesn't stop at puppyhood. That's why we give all attendees an achievement bandana, if your dog passes our puppy class you will be awarded your Puppy Patch. This is the equivalent of a martial arts belt or Brownies badges. 

If you choose to keep training you can earn various badges through our different classes and prove to the world just what an awesome team you make.