Dog tugging on rabbit skin tug toy
Dog play bowing with rabbit skin toy
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Rabbit Skin Tug Toy

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The rabbit skin tug toy is perfect for dogs with lots of chase drive. The texture of the rabbit skin is fantastic for exciting predatory dogs and getting as close as possible to the thrill of chasing squirrels and rabbits. Except, now that thrill is working in favour of your recall not against it! 

The long handle means you can easily make the toy 'run away' along the floor to further stimulate your dog's drive to chase! It's also great for avoiding having to bend down especially for smaller dogs. 

Shy and nervous dogs can often be enticed into playing tug by the texture of rabbit skin and the longer handle as they don't need to be as close to you.

The best choice of toy for dogs that love to chase squirrels and rabbits. Harness your dog's prey drive and use it in your favour. 

Approximate Measurements
Rabbit Area - 23cm x 7cm Varies due to stock
Total Length - 50cm

The total length of the rabbit skin tug toy is approximately 50cm. The rabbit skin portion is roughly 23cm x 7cm. Orange webbing and a luxury fleece-lined handle for extra comfort. Made in Britain. 

Rabbit skin tug toys are designed to be high-value dog training toys. As with any tug toy will not withstand the continued chewing that comes from free access. To maintain high-value we recommend using this toy as a reward during training. 

Endorsed for it's high-quality by expert dog trainer Craig Ogilvie from BBC's 'Nightmare Pets SOS' & author of the Interactive Play Guide.