Reactivity Resolved Program

Reactivity Resolved Program

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This course runs for four weeks, on your chosen time and date each week. Each class is two hours long. The meeting place is St George Valley Cricket Club, Whiteway Rd, Bristol BS5 7RW.

Are you fed up of being embarrassed by your dog's reactivity to other dogs? Or, even worried what they might do if they got the chance?

Frustratingly even if you know how to solve your dog's issues with other dogs if you don't have people with other dogs that can help you through the process then it can be extremely difficult to make progress.  

That's why we've created the Reactivity Resolved Program. The program is led by our team of dog trainers and behaviourists that have years of experience resolving dog reactivity issues. 

  • Cheaper than One to One Training Packages (£98.50 per 4 hours of training vs £400 for 4 hours of training) 
  • Supportive group of fellow reactive dog owners 
  • A variety of different stooge dogs to practice with 
  • A safe, private venue to practice without the risk of off-lead dogs 

You'll be in a group with four other reactive dog owners that understand what it's like to own a reactive dog. We'll meet up weekly for two hours of training. During the two hours we'll rotate the dogs, making sure your dog gets the opportunity to train safely with calm, stooge dogs that we provide.  

For this reason your dog must be able to settle in your car between turns. The car parking is very close by and visible from the training area so you can visit them as much as you like. 

You can watch other people work with their dogs too and ask our professionals any questions you have. 

Reactivity is an issue that is difficult to put a timescale on. Some dogs recover very quickly, and others require a more long-term approach. Your dog's level of progress will be determined by your ability to train between sessions and the severity of your dog's issues. Some dogs may need more ongoing support, and we're here to offer that if needed. 


- This program is aimed at resolving reactivity towards other dogs. If your dog is reactive towards humans email us at; so we can make sure we give you the best help.



St George Valley Cricket Club 
Whiteway Rd, Bristol BS5 7RW